How to clean old rugs

How To Clean An Old Rug Safely

If you have an old Oriental rug that you would like to clean, but you don’t want to spend the money with a professional, there are things that you can do in order to get it back into good condition. You simply need to use the right products and be very careful. Depending upon the age of the rug, there may be limited things that you can do. For example, you may not be able to use a vacuum cleaner because it is very fragile, and there might be stains that cannot come out without ruining the rug itself. Let’s take a look at how most people would clean an old rug, one that can withstand a little bit of work without falling apart.

Check The Label On The Rug

The very first thing you need to do is determine what type of material it is made of. Oriental rugs can be made of many different materials including synthetic, cotton, wool or even silk. Each of these will require a specific type of cleanser to clean them, and some of them must be cleaned by hand. If it is a wool rug, or a cotton rug, these are going to be very easy to clean because they are the most durable. A silk rug is something that you really should take to a professional, especially if it has a significant number of stains.

Deciding On Whether Or Not To Use A Vacuum

If this is a modern rug that is made of wool or cotton, vacuuming every week is a good idea. By doing so, you can prevent the dirt and debris from getting down to the base of the fibers which could actually begin to sever them from the base material. If you have a silk or antique rug, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but it needs to be put on the lowest setting.

It is also imperative that you lift the roller and bristles so that it cannot tear into the material. If you want to get an older rug dirt free, you can either bring it to a professional or gently strike the rug outside hanging from a clothesline. There are many professionals out there including St Augustine’s Carpet Cleaners.

Detergents You Can Use On Old Rugs For Stains

If there are stains, and it is wool or cotton, you can use baking soda, vinegar and a small amount of liquid detergent. You will need to dab the stain with the sponge, or cloth, until the stain comes up. If the stain is been there for quite some time, you may need to let the solution sit for at least five or more minutes. This will allow the solution to loosen up what is causing the stain allowing you to get it out. If it is grease, blood, or something else that is difficult to get out, definitely take this to a rug cleaning service. Otherwise, it should be very easy to remove recent stains that are made by dirt or some other material that is easy to get out.

Once you have cleaned your rug, it should look as it did once before. If it is a rug that is extremely old, take it into a professional. These tips should allow you to clean your rug, and remove existing stains, without damaging the material. Learn more on the toughest carpet stains to remove.

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